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North Wales Certificated (Bailiff) Enforcement Agent in Llandudno, Bailiffs Enforcement Agent for Traveller Evictions and Commercial Rent Recovery in North Wales,LLandudno Bailiffs for Traveller Evictions in North Wales, Safeguard Bailiff Services Llandudno for Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery, Forfeiture of Lease, Commercial Property Repossession, Traveller Eviction in Llandudno, Rhyl, Bangor, North Wales.

Formed in 1981 Safeguard Bailiff Services remains a family run company with a wealth of experience in Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery for Commercial Landlords. Offering a fast effective personal service aimed at recovering rent arrears in a timely manner and keeping properties tenanted.

We also offer our services in the area of North Wales for Forfeiture of Commercial Leases and Commercial Property Repossessions in addition to Traveller Evictions from private Land. For details of our specific services click onto the relevant page link.

Our Fees for Traveller Eviction
To attend site and serve Order / Notice we charge 200 for Up to 5 caravans and thereafter 20 per additional caravan. Plus Travel Costs at 65 per hour plus 45 pence per mile out of Leicester. ( or Bailiffs Home / City/ Town )

To be on standby to re attend on the stated Re-Possession / Eviction Day to confirm situation and Evict if required : Standby Attendance Charge 150 plus 65 per hour travel and/or on site time and mileage charges @ .45p per mile


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