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Travellers Eviction Gypsis Rates

Traveller evictions anywhere in the UK using Common Law Notices or Court Orders (using Certified Bailiffs / Enforcement Agents.

A quick and cost effective method of removing travellers from private land without the expense and time delay of a court order.

Terms and Conditions for Repossession of Land from Tresspassers, Travellers and Eviction and Removal of Travellers or other “Persons Unknown” from Land.

To carry out Traveller Evictions using Common Law Notices or Court Orders .

Our Common Law Notices /Orders normally allow the trespassers 24 hrs to quit the land this can be adjusted to give more time if the client requires.

Our Fees
To attend site and serve Order / Notice we charge £200 for Up to 5 caravans and thereafter £20 per additional caravan. Plus Travel Costs at £65 per hour plus 45 pence per mile out of Leicester. ( or Bailiffs Home / City/ Town )

To be on standby to re attend on the stated Re-Possession / Eviction Day to confirm situation and Evict if required : Standby Attendance Charge £150 plus £65 per hour travel and/or on site time and mileage charges @ .45p per mile

Where Trespassers have not complied with the order and remain on the land Tow Trucks will be called to assist in their eviction , this happens in less than 10% of cases.

The Tow Trucks are charged at fees quoted by the contractor for each individual assignment

We always notify the local Police in writing of our intentions and timings and obtain an incident number which allows us to quickly obtain Police support to prevent any possible breach of the peace. In the event of a Tow Truck having to attend we would normally request the presence of a Police Offer.

Eviction / Removal of Trespassers is subject at all times to Personal safety, if at any time our staff are advised by Police Officers to withdraw on the grounds of personal safety, we shall do so. All fees and charges up to that point will remain due and payable by the client.


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