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Bob Ashford is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner in Leicester. A Leicester Healer using Eric Pearl's Recconnection - channelled Reconnective Healing, so you are now able to book your appointment with Bob.Midlands Reconnective Healing Practitioner Bob Ashford, qualified Reconnective Healing Practitioner in Leicester, serving the whole Midland Region with Eric Pearls's Reconnective Healing in the EaST Midlands

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People who have experienced Reconnective Healing? have reported increased self-esteem, improved levels of self-confidence, deep feelings of inner peace as well as healing on a physical level. Many have experienced alleviation of blockages, symptoms and illness, and still others have experienced powerful shifts on their personal healing journey.

Your Reconnective Healing Sessions

The Reconnective frequencies will be initiated at the start of your first session and will continue to work with you long after your sessions have ended. Your sessions of Reconnective Healing? are simply the beginning.

During your sessions you may notice distinct physical sensations and you may feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Everyone responds differently, and everyone will have their own unique experience as the healing frequencies make themselves known on all levels of your being.

Come to your sessions with openness, and leave expectations at the door. Something will definitely happen during your session - it just may not be quite what you had in mind! Attachment to particular outcomes can create constriction and as we know, energy flows best when there is no restriction to impede it. An open heart and mind will allow for exactly the right experience for you at any given time.

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I/We make no claims, promises or guarantees with regard to specific health challenges, nor does I/We diagnose or treat these health challenges.
You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.
Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection? are trademarks of Eric Pearl.

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