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About Reconnective Healing

People who have experienced Reconnective Healing® have reported increased self-esteem, improved levels of self-confidence, deep feelings of inner peace as well as healing on a physical level. Many have experienced alleviation of blockages, symptoms and illness, and still others have experienced powerful shifts on their personal healing journey.

Your Reconnective Healing® Sessions

The Reconnective frequencies will be initiated at the start of your first session and will continue to work with you long after your sessions have ended. Your sessions of Reconnective Healing® are simply the beginning.

During your sessions you may not ice distinct physical sensations and you may feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Everyone responds differently, and everyone will have their own unique experience as the healing frequencies make themselves known on all levels of your being.

Come to your sessions with openness, and leave expectations at the door. Something will definitely happen during your session - it just may not be quite what you had in mind! Attachment to particular outcomes can create constriction and as we know, energy flows best when there is no restriction to impede it. An open heart and mind will allow for exactly the right experience for you at any given time.

Reconnective Healing is not a "technique." This is the first thing that separates it from the other forms of healing that you’ve heard of. Secondly, you won’t lose your studied healing techniques. They just might not be as easy for you to find?and you might not really want to bother. One reason for this is that the healing techniques that we’ve had on this planet up until now have been subsets of Reconnective Healing. They have been merely glimpses of some of its aspects. If you put these techniques all together, you have a slightly greater glimpse of Reconnective Healing, yet nowhere broaching all of it. Although this analogy doesn’t do it justice, think of the different healing techniques you know of each as a single letter of the alphabet and randomly assign them letters, e.g., techniques C, J, P, Q, R. Now, if you know only technique "R", you’re a little limited as to what you can spell. If you know two techniques, (i.e. if you own two "letters"), you might have a little more flexibility. If you own all five of the letters above, you’re still noticeably limited in what you can do. Each of those letters is a subset of the alphabet. If you have the full set, all 26 letters, you can more fully communicate because not only can you spell words now, you can write volumes.

Once you are working with the Reconnective frequencies, you are no longer just in subsets. You don’t lose your "R" or your "Q" when you access your alphabet; you just have to work a little harder to find them individually. And there’s not much incentive to do so as they bring you such greater rewards when utilized as part of the set than they did when trying to function as an entire alphabet.

Reconnective Healing® is recognized and supported by science, Reconnective Healing® is a form of healing that facilitates us to return to an optimum state of balance by interacting with the full spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light and information.

These frequencies work on the whole person, therefore the work is not symptom or limb based.

Dr. Eric Pearl defines healing as, “the restoration of the person to spiritual wholeness”. This is what allows for a possible release of symptom and disease. He also points out that healing is about our evolution. It includes the evolutionary restructuring of our DNA and our reconnection to the Universe (or to God/Light/Love/ So/ Creator) on a new level.

It is recommended for persons feeling that something on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level is out of sync. Animals as well as humans respond very well to the Reconnective Healing experience.

Reconnective Healing is "hands off" and during a session, you will be in a space with the energies that will allow the body to heal and come back into perfect harmony. Generally one to three full sessions are advised, after which previous clients have been seen to benefit in the following ways :

More Energy
More Clarity & Focus
Deep Release of tension
Release of Trauma in a Non-traumatic way
Release of Emotional blocks & Interference
Stress- relief & Pain-relief
Enhanced Self-confidence, Self-worth
Enhanced Creativity & Productive Energy
Improved Mobility
Repaired Damaged DNA

Bob Ashford
Reconnective Healing Practitioner
PO Box 6206

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