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Moldavite & The Reconnection

r Eric Pearl makes reference to Moldavite in his book "The Reconnection" Moldavite appears to play a significant roll with these new energies.

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* Chemistry: Varies but is mostly silica glass with impurities of magnesium, iron and other elements.
* Class: Mineraloids
* Uses: As a gemstone and as collection specimens
* The Physical Properties of Tektities.
* Specimens

Tektites are still poorly understood. They are irregularly- and at times intricately-shaped nodules and blobs of a glassy substance. They have no crystal structure, and are therefore similar to obsidian, but are not associated with volcanic processes. Their chemistry is unique and somewhat unexplained.

The leading theory concerning their origin is the "Meteorite Impact Theory". It is postulated that many odd events occur during a meteor's impact because of the tremendous heat and pressure produced. Tektites may be fused glass that formed during an impact of a meteor with layers of rock on the Earth's surface. Tektites occur in broad bands in specific localities in different parts of the world. These bands produce characteristically similar tektites and are sometimes loosely associated with meteorite craters or suspected craters. Could these fields represent splash material from an impact? Many believe so and this idea is gaining acceptance from many scientists. The odd and diverse chemistry of the tektites could be a result of unique meteorites hitting unique rock types with the combinations producing particular effects.

Some tektites, called Moldavites, are especially prized for their clarity and unique green color. Moldavites are found in a "splash field" centered around Moldavia in former Czechoslovakia and are believed to have come from a meteorite crater in Germany. Moldavites are sometimes cut as gemstones or put into jewelry as natural uncut pieces to show off their often eerie and beautifully intricate shapes.


* Color is black, green or colorless.
* Luster is vitreous to dull.
* Transparency: Gemmy tektites are transparent to translucent, but most are nearly opaque.
* Crystal System does not apply because tektites are amorphous.
* Habits are usually small nodules or splinters that vary from simple rounded shapes to very intricate natural carvings. Many have smooth, scarred, or pitted surfaces.
* cleavage is absent.
* Fracture is conchoidal.
* Hardness is 5 - 6.
* Specific Gravity is approximately 2.5 (somewhat light).
* Streak is white.
* Other Characteristics: Can sometimes be directly associated with meteorite impact craters.
* Notable Occurrences include Moldavia region of Eastern Europe; Thailand and southeast Asia; Australia and Georgia, USA.
* Best Field Indicators are color, odd shapes, localities and lack of cleavage or crystal faces.

Moldavite is a green translucent silica meteoric glass created by a large cosmic velocity meteorite which vaporized when it struck the earth in Nordlingen, Germany, creating the Reis Crater. A small percentage of that vapor was propelled into the ionosphere by the impact explosion through the hole punched in the earth's dense atmosphere. When this silica vapor reached the cold of outer space, it condensed then solidified and fell back to earth creating a strewn field of lime green tektite, several hundred miles away in the Moldau River Valley north of Prague, Czechoslovakia. Thus the name Moldavite. There are several location names for different areas of the valley where Moldavite is dug from the ground. The finest specimens are the Besed Nice, valued for their color, texture, and beauty. Moldavite is one of the rarest varieties of tektite.

Now the Metaphysical attributes of Moldavite

Stone of communication. Stimulates cooperation and transfer of energies between those of extra-terrestrial origins and those inhabiting earth. Moldavite works well with the third eye, throat and crown chakras. It corresponds to all astrological signs

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