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Reconnective Healing in Leicester

Bob Ashford Recconnective Healing Practitioner in Leicester UK. A Student of US Dr. Eric Pearl Bob is now in practice in the Mildalnds UK based at his home in Oadby Leicester. To show just what amazing healings can be experienced i am including testimonials from a few of my clients. Not everyone receives the healing that they think they want, all receive the healing that is appropriate at the time. When to two coincide the healing is noting short of amazing, it is a wonderful thing to be able to channel the energies that acheive such relief.

This is an e mail received about from T.W. from the West Midlands one week after this lady's first healing session with me.

Hi, Bob,

Yes, I was aware that I was taking rather a lot of your time on Friday, so
didn't give you much feedback at the time. However, here it is now.

As always when I lie on a couch or any hard surface, I was in a great deal
of pain almost immediately, despite your kindness in providing cushions to
make me more comfortable. However, I felt calm and peaceful, and kept an
open mind as to what I should expect.

I was first aware of warmth around my head and, I think, a movement in my
fingers. My eyes moved from side to side involuntarily. Then it seemed as
though a band of light moved slowly down my head (a bit like when I had a CT
scan) and along my body. I was aware of a great deal of activity in my
right breast, which culminated in what seemed like something being removed -
I could sense fingers being withdrawn, with something between them. My
abdomen was very active and bubbled away, as it often does when I am in the
presence of high energies. I felt my pelvis being moved in a rocking-like
motion and had a sense one of my feet moving, being realigned. These last
two things were screamingly painful, as though everything was being torn
apart, but I could feel the 'lockedness' of my lower spine gradually freeing
itself. Both legs and feet were manipulated and my pelvis tilted back to
the angle at which is should have been. Once again, this hurt a lot. I
heard myself groan a little, and tried to stop this sound, then let go.

When I stood up afterwards, I was immediately aware of feeling taller and
straighter. Still in extreme pain, I drove to see my eldest daughter, who
commented on the fact that I was no longer leaning to the left, nor bending
forward as I stood. Later this was confirmed by another daughter and my
husband. The severe pain continued overnight (I woke myself groaning at one
point) and into the next day, but it has gradually diminished. I have been
aware of the risk of 'habit' leading me to fall back into the stance that
has become my norm (and led to such awful pain in my back that recently I
have been unable to stand or walk for more than a few minutes). In
consequence I have consciously worked on maintaining my new healthier
posture, and enlisted the help of my husband to tell me if I slip into old
habits. Interestingly, this happened noticeably over the weekend, when I
felt 'burdened' by the difficulties put upon me by my family. This makes
sense when I think of the symbolism of my previous presentation. I now have
little or no pain in my back, and the flexibility below my waist is
something I'd forgotten could be possible. I have been exercising more each
day. However, I am again leaning somewhat to the left and front, and may
need to return for more healing if I can't consciously keep a handle on it.
I do feel, though, that I'll be ok to walk a little more on my mini-break in
a couple of weeks.

The eczema on my face has lessened, but not gone, but it no longer itches so
much, although it is still red.

My digestive system is still crazy, although the pain I had been having has
eased (possibly because of the better posture). I have had a nasty virus
(which a friend suggested may have been a 'healing crisis', but this now
seems doubtful as my daughter has similar symptoms), but this has processed
and eased relatively quickly.

My rhinitis remains, and is more of a problem from time to time

From Mrs TW West Mids

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Bob Ashford
Reconnective Healing Practitioner
PO Box 6206

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