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This page is set up to advise other of the areas where the trade marks are protected, the information is contained in the Registration at the UK Patents Office http://www.patent.gov.uk/tm showing The UK & Community Trade Mark information held there. US Information is available from www.uspto.gov/

Reconnective Healing Classifications 9-16-41
Class 9:
Pre-recorded audio and video tapes, films, discs, diskettes, laser discs, digital discs, optical discs, cartridges, cassettes, Dvds, CDs and CD-ROMs; sound recordings, video recordings, digital recordings, optical recordings, electronic recordings, magnetic recordings; phonograph records and discs; reproduction of sound and/or images; films and sound films prepared for exhibitions and/or seminars; publication in electronic form; mouse mats.
Class 16:
Printed publications, book covers, books, brochures, pamphlets, stationery, business cards, photographs, diaries, calendars, magazines, manuals, promotional material, advertisements, notebooks, brochures, instructional and teaching material (except apparatus).
Class 41:
Education and training services; arranging and conducting classes, seminars, workshops and/or conferences; publication of course materials; information services; instructional services; providing on-line electronic publications; publication of books; radio and television programmes.

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